About Us

At Mayor Consultants we partner with companies from all echelons of the global automotive value chain and help them identify where they can participate and how they can harness the potential of ongoing changes for growth.


The automotive industry is changing day by day and at Mayor Consultants we are here to help you make sense of what that means for your company.
Our team of seasoned industry experts is here to help you find a way to secure growth and move your business forward in a market which is evolving more and more quickly.
By asking the right questions, doing deep research and incorporating your industry experience, we create a new experience. It lets us understand where the industry and potential customers are going as well as how technology might develop in the future.
Bringing all this knowledge together lets us help you navigate the changing dynamics, economics and consumer demands. By pointing you to the right path, we enable you to use your business’ skillset and strengths to create a powerful and unique value proposition.


  • It contains a wide variety of players It contains a wide variety of players.
  • There is constant change going on.
  • Motor insurance companies are looking to embrace new developments and find ways to control their claims budget.
  • Margins are decreasing and existing business is eroding, making it necessary to go new ways to stay afloat.


  • How do changes in consumer behavior, official regulation and legislation impact your company’s potential for growth and success in the automotive industry?
  • How should suppliers and collision repair facilities respond to this shifts in supply demand and collision industry change?
  • How are mergers (consolidation) and other changes in the industry landscape changing the supply chain of work?
  • Where should suppliers and collision shops look for growth in core versus adjacent markets, and what are the most viable growth pathways to consider?
  • How are changing needs in industrial end markets likely to impact demands on both groups (suppliers and collision industries).

If you want answers to these and other pressing questions, we are ready to help you find solutions and determine which actions to take to move forward.


  • We built strategies to overcome channel convergence and protect EBITDA margins by conducting workshops and industry research together with clients and together determined the best path to move forward.
  • We countered the effects of market erosion and stagnant sales by developing a set of strategic initiatives for our client.
  • This led their EBITDA to rise to previous levels put the company on the path to growth once again.
  • We identified, prioritized and developed growth plans for adjacent markets for a client to broaden his portfolio and expand his client base.
  • By determining which critical areas our client should focus on, we helped them reinvigorate growth, expand, and prepare them for the following sale.

Automotive Market Sectors We Frequently Work In

Vehicle Collision Repair Facilities

Consumables Supply and Logistics

Equipment Supply and Install

Distribution Set Up

Aftermarket Service Providers

Body Shop Planning and Layout

Rapid Repair Technology

Body shop networks